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History of the Honda Civic - A Full Biography

Post by: Webmaster on 05.23.2013

Although, Honda had been in existence for a long time, it was mostly known for its motorcycles until the Honda Civic was launched in the year 1973. Since then there has been no looking back and to date many variants of Honda Civic have been introduced on to the market. Let us have a look at its history.

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Honda Stream - History, Specs & Information

Post by: Webmaster on 05.14.2013

An in-depth automotive guide about the Honda Stream, differences and improvements made from 1st generation to 2nd gen. Looking for detailed information and specs? Read all about the modified Honda Stream here and learn its history!

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Tuning 101 :: Why do tuners modify cars?

Post by: Webmaster on 05.13.2013

Well honestly, it's different for all people but for the most part it's a form of expression. Automotive tuners strive to make their car unique. It's a vision drawn up in the mind and there is a huge sense of accomplishment completing all the modifications on your vehicle, especially if you've installed the parts yourself.

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Honda Check Engine Codes – 88–91 Civic

Post by: Webmaster on 02.17.2013

When the ecu sets a trouble code,the check engine light will come on and the ecu stores the code in the memory. The trouble code will remain in the memory until voltage to the ecu is disconnected.

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EF Civic 88–91 Honda Civic Engine Swap

Post by: Webmaster on 02.16.2013

This section includes the specs on all the most common engine swaps into a 88–91 4th Gen Honda Civic. This section also shows you what the stock Honda Civics’ came with.

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Tribute to the Modified Honda Civic

Guest Post by: on 12.19.2012

To me‚ the Modified Honda Civic is a great car to start customizing. It’s wide range of aftermarket parts make it affordable and fun for everyone!

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Seven Simple Auto Care Tips

Posted by: Webmaster on 09.01.2008

Auto care basically deals with one word which is maintenance. We can save money at the same time there’ll be a safe and sound journey for us if we know and follow the simple auto car care tips.

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Car Safety Tips for Modified Cars

Posted by: Webmaster on 08.31.2008

Modified cars are the type of vehicle emerging today as the coolest and trendiest thing anyone can have. While many people are getting hooked on these cars‚ it is important to know how we can be safe while riding the car of our lives.

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Modified car pictures

Posted by: Webmaster on 08.08.2007

Everyone needs vision and inspiration‚ Our goal here at Decepticon Racing is to provide a reliable source of totally unique modified car pictures. These member galleries give you the chance to display that car you put so much time and effort into. Easily keep track of your vehicle build up process‚ just signup‚ input your aftermarket modifications and upload some photos. Let the world see your car pictures!

Just looking to view modified car pictures? Be our guest‚ click here and instantly browse our member profiles.

Sign–up for your FREE account!

Posted by: Webmaster on 05.28.2007

Give those digital photo’s of your vehicle a place they can call home. Decepticon Racing is pleased to present you with our all new vehicle image hosting service. Get your own FREE image gallery for your vehicle. Sign–up takes less than one minute.

What are you waiting for? Join Today!

Decepticon Racing Re–Launches !

Posted by: Webmaster on 05.26.2007

Decepticon Racing is pleased to present you with version 2.0.

This new and improved version brings the release of "Your Transformation". This service is for you to use FREE of charge. It provides you with an online photo gallery for you to post pictures of your car‚ motorbike‚ or any other object you can classify as a racing machine.

This free account allows you to store up to 15 images along with descriptions about your vehicle’s:

  • Performance modifications
  • Exterior modifications
  • Interior modifications
  • Audio/Video upgrades

We encourage you to try out this site; browse the gallery or signup for a FREE account today and start displaying that vehicle you put so much time and effort into. Un till next time‚ see you at the car shows!

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