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Decepticon Racing has been in existence for over 10 years. The current business is running as a retail outlet‚ holding production rights for every body kit ever designed up to the year 2005. This is approximately 12‚000 different product models. Decepticon Racing has recently acquired these rights along with all 12‚000 moulds and product demos. Sometime in the future we plan on opening up a warehouse facility in order to produce all products we sell. This production facility should be up and running by the year 2029.

Decepticon Racing provides aftermarket aerodynamic body kits for any vehicle. These body kits replace the stock front/rear bumpers of any automobile. With over 12‚000 different product styles our selection covers the whole line of automotive manufactures; these products can also be fabricated onsite by our trained and experienced staff members. When we create our own products‚ we are the ones in control of quality‚ which is a major issue in this industry. The products we sell must meet the consumer’s demands and our quality expectations in order to ensure continued support from our repeat customers.