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EF Civic - How-to Swap Integra Console into your 88-91 Civic

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Make sure that you get the 94-01 Integra console with the ash tray and the cig lighter. Of course you need both front and rear to make the console complete.

Start by taking out your radio/ac bezel and place it on a bench or workstation of some sort. You will see that the lower piece kinda is held on in the front by plastic welds, and the rear is by one long hinge on each side. Don't worry about breaking anything, just start pulling, you will see how it comes apart.

Once you get it apart you can mock up the two pieces on the bench, the upper from your OEM Civic console, and the lower from your 94-01 Integra console. They meet up alright, not perfect but ok for my liking. You will see that the screw holes don't match up perfectly, worry about this later. Put the mocked up console into your car, and give it a test fit, see how it needs to fit. In the front my old upper overlapped the teg console by about 1/8". It also overlapped on the sides about the same, and gradually evened out towards the firewall.

Ok, now you have a general idea of how it needs to be so go back to the bench and flip what you have upside down. The two console pieces mating surfaces almost line up perfectly. What I did is use two 1/2" drywall screws at the front to hold the front together. This will give enough stability to move the console around, as for the rear, i took small trim screws and ran one from the inside of my upper console (where the factory screw holes were to the lower, this held everything fine. Then I used a heavy duty epoxy , and lined the mating surfaces, let it dry.

Now you will need to re-wire the ashtray light and the cig light/lighter. This is simple, your plug-in for the old cig lighter has 2 wires, and the new one has 4, the reds need to be switched ignition, and the blacks need ground. Put the console in, use the top screws to hold it into place, and wait for the next step.

Remove the bezel around your e-brake handle. Toss it. This would be a good time to slightly tighten your e brake cables if you find you have to pull up too hard to make contact. Just give the 12mm nut on the equalizer the old righty-tighty.

Now you can install the rear section of the Integra console. clip the four clips that hold the consoles together, then you will see that the holes to mount the two into the floor don't line up with the old ones. This is ok, you will have to use some kind of self-tapping screw about 1/2" long with a washer.

Now if you were lucky enough to get the rear metal body bracket to hold the console in behind the e-brake handle, you should have mocked up the console and installed the bracket accordingly. BUT I didn't, so i had to make it work. I used two of the same self tapping screws as i had mentioned before. I put both of my seats up as far as they would go, and drove one on each side through the console into the body of my car. Sounds like a rig, but it worked awesome. The console fits beautifully, the armrest is perfect, and is sturdy as hell. Now you can enjoy your new found love for your interior.

Hope this helps, if not you sure read a lot for nothing.