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Honda Stream - History, Specs & Information

Mugen Honda StreamThere will not be anyone who doesn't know about the Honda Motor Company Ltd. It is a very popular Japanese Multinational Company which deals with the manufacture of products like Scooters, Automobiles, Motorcycles, Electrical Generators, Jet engines, Jet aircrafts, Robotics and the like. However, their main business has always been related to the manufacturing of automobiles and motorcycles. Time and again Honda has been delivering many great models of automobiles and in October 2000, it launched The Honda Stream that became an instant hit among masses and still remains a favorite of many.

Mugen Honda StreamThe word "Stream" means "flow" that may denote flow of fashion and trends according to the changing times. This name was selected for Honda's minivan to suggest the making of a new style of minivan that is apt for the changing needs of the present century. This is how the Honda minivan came to be recognized as "Honda Stream". Honda set an industry standard by manufacturing a multi-purpose compact sports vehicle in the form of Honda Stream. Over the years Honda Stream has gone under modifications. Let us explain it in the context of its various generations.

Honda Stream Interior Dash

First Generation Honda Stream (2000-2006)

2001 Honda StreamThe first generation Stream can be referred to as the time period starting from the year in which Honda Stream was launched; that is 2000 till the year 2006.

The first generation of Honda Stream became available for purchase in October 2000 in Japan. Mostly built on the basis of Honda Civic, Honda Stream came with the identical flat chassis. The only way in which these chassis were different from those of Honda Civic was that the newer one added 100 mm more to its length so as to provide for the third row of seating area. These first generation Honda cars were available with the following specifications:

2001 Honda StreamOverall, the 1st generation Honda Stream was manufactured keeping three things in mind: a new century design, sporty performance yet that can be used for personal use and an innovative approach to minivan refinement and space comfort. Unlike other minivans, Honda Stream takes advantage of low-center-of-gravity packaging techniques and flat floor. Adding to it, Honda's G-CON technology allows Stream to adhere to the collision safety standards, pedestrian protecting designs and latest technologies that augment the overall safety performance of Honda Stream.

The primary characteristics of the 1st generation Honda Stream are as follows:

Honda Stream Motor/EngineIn 2003, Honda Motor Company launched DI 2.0 L engines. These engines were far better than their predecessors and had improved fuel efficiency. In the year 2004, Honda Stream was face lifted for the good. Although, the launch of Honda Stream took the world by storm, it was the second generation Stream that received more praises for its stylish appearance and spacious interior.

Second Generation Honda Stream (2006-Present)

2nd Gen Honda Stream Front

2nd Gen Honda Stream Rear

2nd Gen Honda Stream Interior

2nd Gen Honda Stream Interior

The second generation can be defined as the time period from 2006 till present. In July 2006, Honda announced the launch of a new Stream. The highlights of this Stream are:

Honda Stream Interior Dash

The 2nd generation Stream is also equipped with advanced safety technologies. Some of these include:

Honda Stream RSZThe second generation Stream exhibited an enhanced modern look and came with the benefit of easy parking even in restricted-height parking lots. Traditionally, MPVs are tall and hence problematic for modern car parking lots. The new Stream has ultra-low height with additional advantages that makes parking it even easier. This is made possible due light steering, small turning radius and compact body length. It has 7 passenger seats with functionality and versatility that are worth praising. Whether you are driving, steering, getting out of the car, changing seat arrangements etc., the car offers total comfort. The enhancement of the body frame rigidity was a wise change. Now people will experience improved driving performance. Also, in these Streams, the sub pillars in the front, that often block the visibility in other cars, have been removed. Moreover, the drive gets a panoramic and clear view of the path. Its well bolstered seat and easy seat height adjustment enable drivers to sit in a comfortable driving position. All these innovations have paved way for a much comfortable passenger experience and have made driving a pleasurable task.

This generation of Honda Stream is available internationally and that too in two levels of specifications; the lower end specifications and higher end specifications.

The lower end exhibits the following specifications:

The higher end boasts of features such as:

Apart from that, the 2nd generation Honda Stream has the following features:

Honda Stream RSZIt would be important to note that only RSZ model of Honda Stream is being made available since April 2012. The RSZ model is available in both 1.8 L and 2.0 L versions. These are equipped with 17 inch wheels. It has also got a front spoiler and rear stabilizer bar.

In addition to that, custom tuned suspension allows the users to have extra driving enjoyment. Not to forget the other attractive features of RSZ model that include black interior, custom aerodynamic parts, eye catching designs etc. that have added more charm to this model of Honda Stream.

On the whole, the result is not just a stylish and sophisticated car but the one that has some of the best and user friendly features. That says it all! The new Honda Stream brags about an excellent horsepower, powerful acceleration, efficient fuel economy, high comfort level and a chic yet sporty look. What more can you ask for?