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Decepticon Racing Car Pictures

Car Safety Tips for Modified Cars

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Did you know that five percent of all motor vehicle accidents are instigated by automobile maintenance neglect? This percentage may even be slightly higher for modified cars with customized engines‚ wheels‚ accessories to name a few. Let us try to understand first how come modified cars may be more prone to car accidents today. Later on‚ we will try to arrive with comprehensive car safety tips for this unique type of modern cars.

Modified car is the popular term used today to refer to any vehicle that has been improved or advanced with aftermarket parts and elements. These components are added on to a vehicle to alter and improve its state such as its visual representations‚ cooling components‚ audio parts‚ or even its performance levels. Modified car is also specifically coined to pertain to contemporary and modish vehicles that we fuzz about these days such as coupe cars, smaller hatchback, and all sorts of cars provided there has some upgrades that happened on it. Upgrades may include alterations of the original or standard factory issue parts with aftermath parts. These parts can be wheels‚ batteries‚ lights‚ and accessories such as wipers‚ jack‚ seatbelt‚ tools‚ and almost anything you can think of replacing.

These advancements or modifications are done for a number of reasons. It can be for aesthetic reasons‚ for performance upgrade‚ for hobby or passion‚ and of course‚ for safety reasons. Examples include replacing default car wheels with aftermarket alloy wheels in order for a car to look better and stylish; replacing torsion bars or springs to reduce car suspension; replacing current exhaust system with a better exhaust system with less restriction; and replacing audio parts for better audio sound system. It can even be as simple as replacing your car’s paint to a paint that better expresses your personality or switching to two door stretches instead of four.

With all these things being added or replaced in your car‚ car safety is really an issue of paramount importance that must not be overlooked. Most people who modify their cars sometimes neglect paying attention to the safety of their cars. The reason being is because they were too pre–occupied with upgrading their vehicles to become voguish and cool that the aesthetic values of their cars is all that they care about. Car safety for modified cars is not far from car safety for unmodified cars but it certainly has some differences that must be taken into account. In fact‚ people who own modified cars have some real problems finding a car insurance company to get their cars insured because of the unique add–ons or upgrades in their cars. It is because once you modify or improve for instance‚ the performance of your car‚ there is no way that you will not pay a higher premium price just to have it insured‚ and not many car insurance companies are willing to cover that for you.

The good news is you can be safe even without these insurance companies willing to get your modified car insured. All it takes is a lot of common sense. Strictly follow the car safety tips below to prevent any car accidents and injuries:

Make sure you do this daily or at least twice a week. The maintenance of modified cars requires more time and attention as compared to ordinary factory–released cars.

Indeed‚ all it takes are these two simple car safety tips for your modified car to be running smoothly‚ and for you to be able to prevent getting involved in road accidents that may not only do damage to your car but also may endanger your life and those of your passengers.