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Decepticon Racing Car Pictures

Detailing your car like a pro

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In the automotive world‚ the term detailing refers to many processes. One being the fine tuning of your car’s external features‚ this being the main processes that automotive detailing refers to. Another widely used implication of the term detailing is the class with which a salesman or a host at an auto show displays his cars features and brings them in front of an audience. No matter what process you refer to when you are talking about detailing‚ the underlying implication of detailing is the process of making your car look better and the ability to highlight the details of your car effectively.

You can hire someone from a detail shop to detail your car; however you may end up paying a fortune for that‚ all you have to do is make some additional efforts on your part to detail your car all by yourself.

A good detailing should always start with a fresh coat of wax. Waxing your car will bring out a glossy shine that you may have never thought possible. This will also protect your paint over the weathers harsh conditions. A good wax job should be done once a year. First thing in the spring is usually the best time‚ this way you have a nice shiny paint job all summer long! Don’t forget to wash your car first; we wouldn’t want to rub all the dirt into the paint. Waxing a dirty car will cause many scrapes and scratches‚ ruining your cars paint job.

The vinyl and leather surfaces should also be detailed yearly. You can start by doing a good vacuum and then condition the material with special upholstery conditioners and cleaners that are readily available at most large retailers. Taking extra care on your cars interior will keep it looking new for many years‚ not to mention you will get that fresh smell without the use of any air fresheners.

If your car has any paint or rock chips‚ you can easily get it touched up by a professional and is recommended for the best results. However many budget projects just can’t afford this‚ well help is on the way. With the wide spread availability of "touch up pens" which are little pens filled with paint that matches the color code of your car‚ you can easily touch up small trouble areas. These pens work extremely well and are fairly cheap to purchase.

When detailing the exterior of your car‚ start from the top and move down. The reason for this approach is that you usually have to touch and learn against the car to get to the remote places cleaned‚ touching and leaning usually leaves streaks down near the bottom or middle of the car‚ saving these parks till last will save you time and frustration.

Keeping these few little points in mind‚ you can practice and get better as the time progresses and end up detailing your car like a pro.