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Decepticon Racing Car Pictures

Tuning 101 :: Why do tuners modify cars?

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Well honestly, it's different for all people but for the most part it's a form of expression. Automotive tuners strive to make their car unique. It's a vision drawn up in the mind and there is a huge sense of accomplishment completing all the modifications on your vehicle, especially if you've installed the parts yourself.

Tuners usually start out with a passion for cars, this passion car grow, grow enough to motivate them to buy the car of their dreams and make it unique. Thanks to all the top automotive manufactures, there are a huge number of custom modifications available for all makes and models of automobile.

Most amateur tuners start out with the basic lowering springs or coilover kit and a nice set of rims. These modifications can be bought used if you're on a budget (or JDM style) or new from one of the many online car stores across the Internet. Either way waiting for your new purchase to arrive in the mail is the hard part. Any tuner can assure you that the moment you press that checkout button to the moment it arrives usually takes forever (not really, but it seams so). But once your new aftermarket parts arrive in the mail, it's like Christmas! Well worth the savings of shopping online!

It's a tough choice what route to take first. Do you do a whole much of performance mods or save a little for the exterior? Well, I think that most successful tuners do both. Instead of trying to drop all your cash at once, spread it out over time. Buy 1 performance part and 1 exterior part. Choose your own ratio, but if you offset your purchases you'll end up with an amazing car with a great assortment of aftermarket parts. Modified to perfection as created by its owner, the tuner.

There are great benefits to tuning your car:
- Improved fuel efficiency (sometimes)
- Increased performance
- Rollin' in style
- Standing out from the crowd
- Meeting great people

Tuning and attending car shows and cruises is a great way to meet some fun interesting likeminded people. Give yourself some time to enjoy your custom modified car and dedicate a couple days a month to meet with a club. Car clubs are everywhere and the best place to look is the Internet. Google your location + car club and you'll easily find a group of local enthusiast.

Browsing a website like Decepticon Racing for Car Pictures is a great way to research and explore what other people have done to their modified car. Having a visual guide and quality pictures is the best way to build inspiration. Post your progress and track your results. Archive your car pictures for years to come. A tuner can get a great sense of achievement by looking back at their pictures.