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1988 Honda Civic Nouva Modified Car Pictures

Hahnz’s 1988 Honda Civic Nouva Modified Car Pictures

1988 Honda Civic Nouva Modified Car Pictures 1988 Honda Civic Nouva Modified Car Pictures

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Additional Information:

The older generation of Honda models is more reliable to make those mods. 1988 Honda Civic Nouva modified here is a very good example of what the enthusiasts can do with the machine to up its looks and performance. Pristine white in color, the mods include Clear bumper lights and tail lights. There is slight tint on the windows. The model although carries enough power when rolling out from a factory, the turbo set up makes the already powerful VTEC engines more robust.

What makes this modified1988 Honda Civic Nouva unique are those Fast-turbo oil lines, type-s bov, t3 turbo, 3" exhaust out the front bumper and 770cc injectors. What you get while driving is smoother experience with higher precision. Honda Civic Nouva is already a rare model and almost difficult to spot. 1988 Honda Civic Nouva modified is sure to make heads turn as you hit the roads behind the steering. The two door hatchback carries great Lambo Style Doors, sporty coilovers, rge rims and carbon fiber. The VTEC engine is the more expressive and delivers what is expected from it. With some subtle tweaks, one can work on the performance. Go ahead and mod this great model from Honda .

Member Information:

  • Owner: Hahnz Too
  • Username: Hahnztoo
  • Joined: 2011-04-17
  • Vehicle: 1988 Honda Civic Nouva
  • Profile Views: 6078

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