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2000 Honda Civic Modified Car Pictures

Muneeb’s 2000 Honda Civic Modified Car Pictures

2000 Honda Civic Modified Car Pictures

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Additional Information:

Honda Civic 2000 modified here is well built with a reliable engine management system. The silver tinted Honda comes with modified back bumper, tinted windows and exhausts. Interior modifications include turbo dx, and powerful nose system. There are modifications in engine for higher power. Audio/Video upgrades comprise of hi walts power amp bass booster and 2 16 inches woofer. There are racing seats and door panels and painted dash parts. Suspension mods have been avoided as thy will make the car loud and boggy.

The modified Honda Civic 2000 offers the true comforts of a street car such as power steering and air conditioning. The reconfigured and custom fabricated system for Ac works well. The power steering gives a boost to the drive of the car. All said and done, this is a great looking car scoring high on performance and looks. The color is great and glossy, giving the car a premium feel. This is an awesome street prowler and a great performer on the streets. The mods in the car have only added to its awesome looks and power. Honda Civic has always managed to live up to the hype and has always been a hot commodity.

Member Information:

  • Owner: Muneeb Ali
  • Username: SYED MUNEEB ALI
  • Joined: 2007-10-02
  • Vehicle: 2000 Honda Civic
  • Profile Views: 12472

Performance Modifications:

  • in 10 sec cross 200

Exterior Modifications:

Interior Modifications:

  • powerfull nos system, turbo dx , and modification in engine

Audio/Video Upgrades:

  • 2 16 inches woofer with hi walts power amp bass boster